Nowadays, there is nothing better than relaxing in front of a good film on Netflix, playing online games using a console or even controlling your lights via the internet. However, all these activities are only possible with a whole home WiFi coverage.

These systems create a mesh network that offers a reliable signal all over the house. Relatively new to the market, the system ensures that you will get powerful mesh WiFi in every nook and cranny of your home, including your backyard.

Here are the best home WiFi systems that you can have. With them, you will say goodbye to dead spots, slow spots, and drop-offs!

10. Samsung Connect Home Aa 300 Smart WiFi System (3 pack)

Samsung Wifi

Samsung has always been a leading manufacturer of smart gadgets. This WiFi system will enable you to take ultimate control of your space. With an additional router, SmartThings Hub, and an impressive coverage, it can connect up to five units depending on the size of your home. The corner to coverage is impressive.


· Quick and easy set up

· Includes both mesh network WiFi and SmartThingsHub in one box.


· Connections may routinely drop from time to time

· Offers a mid-level connect router


9. Portal Mesh WiFi system (2-Pack)

Portable Wifi

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable coverage for homes that are 6,000sq. feet large, then this mesh network, WiFi system is your best bet. With it, everyone in your home can enjoy premium-quality streaming, gaming and surfing through multiple devices. It offers a mesh 2.0 patented technology and an antennae’s that shields your WiFi.


· Works will all WiFi devices

· Offers advanced reliability for smart home devices like security cameras and thermostats cons

· The network can be controlled from anywhere


· Large unit occupies a lot of shelf space

8. TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

TP Link Deco

TP-Link Deco system is flexible, solid and robust in every way. It allows for the addition of as many Deco systems needed and covers a range of 4500 sq. feet, it chooses the fastest path for device connections and keeps your network running as fast as possible.


· Unique antivirals security prevention

· Offers parental control options

· Strong enough to keep all your devices online


· No web interface. It does not support dedicated control

· Not compact

7. Luma Whole Home WiFi (3 pack-White)


Redefining intelligent home WiFi, the Luma whole home WiFi offers unparalleled speed, security, and control. You do not have to worry about your children accessing inappropriate content because the system has the best parenting controls. Offering two Ethernet ports, dead spots are a thing of the past.


· Lightning-quick set-up

· Allows for the of smart parenting controls

· Works with Alexa


· The system does not work well in larger homes

· Lacks a dynamic channel management system

6. Securifi Almond 3: complete mart Home WiFi System


Almond 3 represents the latest innovation that makes it easy to enjoy WiFi all over your home. Covering a total of 2,600 sq. feet, the system is a grand representation of speed, reliability and smart home functionality. It covers your entire home ultra-fast and doubles as a hub to transform your house into a smart home.


· Universally compatible with modems

· Integrated Zigbee-based smart home hu· Excellent performance

· Sleek, compact design


· Dual-band only. It does not use a discrete channel for back howl.

5. Eero Pro WiFi (3 Eeros)

Eero Pro

This is the world simplest, most reliable WiFi system. It is an automated replacement for your router, range, and extenders. Running on intelligent WiFi technology and powerful hardware, the system has a tri-band that lets you do more, simultaneously, in every room of your home.


· Easy set up using an application guide

· Boasts of a high-security level

· Entertainment grade WiFi that allows you to stream, game, work and play


· Highly expensive

· Only two Ethernet ports are available for wired devices

4. AmpliFi Long Range Home WiFi System


The AmpliFi Long Range WiFi system offers the perfect way to eliminate dead spots in your home. With an Ethernet cable, power adapter, Amplifi Router, and reliable mesh points, you can easily set up the system to maintain complete and fast coverage around your home.


· Easy to set up and configure

· Offers powerful WiFi management using the Amplifi application

· Dedicate band control


· Feature application lacks key features such as the ability to see signal strength of each device

3. Linkskys Tri-band Home WiFi Mesh System, 3 packs

Linksys Wifi

This is an incredible, modular wire mesh system that has been brilliantly built to provide exceptional WiFi coverage throughout your entire home. Covering a total of 6,000 sq. feet, the system runs on a dynamic Tri-Band technology that delivers blazing-fast WiFi speeds and provides the modular solution that your home needs.


· Ultra- fast speeds

·Works with Alexa

· Allows for the easy customization and management of your home WiFi


· Does not provide web-based administration

· Only provides specific IP reservation through mobile application

2. Google WiFi system (set of 3) Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage

Google Home Wifi

This system offers the best way to blanket your entire home with WiFi. Unlike most routers, it stays connected to Google at all times. Boasting of great coverage and reliability, the system has three Units that enable it to work flawlessly and cover a wider range, even of the largest homes.


· Unobtrusive

· Comes in a compact unit

· Easy to use and set up strong WiFi coverage and fast speeds


· A Google account and mobile device are required for set up management

1. NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi System with Router and Satellite Extend

Netgear Wifi

Known for its impressive throughput speeds and simultaneous data streaming capabilities, the NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi System delivers in spades. It solves the problem of dead spots in your home. Covering up to 50000sg.ft. and running on tri-band technology, the system is fast, efficient and reliable.


· Easy to set up

· Offers very fast speeds at long range

· Consistent coverage


· High upfront costs

· Modest features set for power users

There you go! 10 of the best whole system WiFi products. Your home can benefit from the fast speeds and flawless connections that will allow you to work, stream or play in any room of your choice without any limitations.